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Okay, my post is going up! I wrote this on my phone and haven't proofed it so... Please excuse any typos.

Why would I pull one card when I could pull 2... or 3.

Here's my spread
1. Focus of the story
2. Conflict
3. Overarching theme
2 of Cups - Love
I The Magician - Character unwilling to relinquish control
VI The Lovers - Focus is on the paring
That's literally what came up. 2oC and The Lovers. Defiantly a romance. But who to write…
Ayura stuck her blade through the throat of the last one hard enough to get it stuck in the concrete beneath. Demons were getting too bold, coming up in small groups to "persuade" humans to sin or give up their souls. Whatever they could do to get more bodies through hell's gates. She stared at the creature for a moment before wrenching her shortsword back out, frowning as she wiped the blood from it. This wasn't what had happened last time. Demons hadn't been much of a problem before. Something was wrong, she just had to figure out what. She sheathed her sword, planning to take a closer look at the demon she had killed. Any clue would be helpful at this point.
"You beat me again!" A young man's voice rang out from behind her. Startled, she turned towards the voice, knowing already who it was as she remembered their first meeting.

The silhouette of a man stood in the doorway of the warehouse. "You…" She couldn't recall his name. "Uh…"
"It's Leo. Leo Julian Rodgers the Second." He said as he walked toward her. No wonder she forgot his name. "And you're the Seer."
"And your name is…" He had tried this last time.
"None of your business." Dressed in a black hoodie with a black scarf tied across the top half of her head, Ayura had gone through a lot of trouble to hide her identity. There were people who couldn't know what she was doing, specifically, her mother.
"Huh. Thought you'd say that. Worth a shot." He was a young man, not yet filled out with dirty blonde hair and -admittedly- striking blue eyes. He wore the same armor as before, a silver chest plate with gold trim, a metal visor and coat of arms. He looked like a modernized medieval knight. "Your dog isn't with you today?"
"He's in a business meeting." Ayura said as she turned back towards the demon corpse, kneeling down beside it to get a better look. No horns, genderless, and lacking eyes. Only the third detail was unusual. She grasped it's face, turning it this way and that. No eyes. Not gouged out eyes, just smooth face where the eyes ought to be.
"That's not normal... Of course, demons rarely are, but even for a demon..." Leo had come over, looking at it over her shoulder.
Brows furrowed -not that Leo could see her brows- she mumbled agreement of some sort, a thought striking her. "The others." She stood and walked over to another corpse, noting Leo approaching the third. She had to flip the body over, but again, no eyes.
"This one doesn't have eyes either!" He yelled from across the room.
"Nor this one." She said loud enough for him to hear. This was... Bad. Ayura hadn't experienced this before and she should have. Events ought to be the same, the only things that changed were her, Kael, and Maria. Nobody else knew, nothing else should be different. But these demons spoke to something new, something in need of investigation. She needed new resources.

Walking back toward Leo, she asked, "You're a Templar, right?"

Leo stood a little straighter and said proudly, "I am."

"Does your family have demon histories?"
He smiled a little half-smile. "Of course."
"Then it's time you knew my name."
That… that was not a romance! Dang it. I'm going to have to try that again, I must have picked the wrong characters to write.

Also, her dog is a wolf, and he really is at a business meeting.



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