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Writing Challenge #2

I used my Angel deck for this because it works best for creative endeavors.

Card for Inspiration: Ace of Fire- An exciting new opportunity! Change your life now!

Character: Paige, my tarot RPG character

They don’t understand why I’m leaving; why I have needed to leave for a long time. My family is more than content to live the rest of their lives in the same quiet village; a place where the most exciting events among the gossiping townsfolk are announcements of a wedding or the news of a birth. I need far more excitement in my life than a home, a family, could ever provide; a fact I’ve known since I was little and stealing my brother’s wooden sword and playing at fighting ogres.

I only packed a few belongings. There was little that I wanted or needed for the voyage that I have laid before me; the life of an adventurer is best when one packs light. I of course  carefully packed my two most precious possessions, my discus weapons Fate and Destiny. I said farewell to my room, and the only life I’d ever known, and left to start a better life with all kinds of twists and turns.

I thought about saying goodbye. I really did, but who? My father, who is completely unaccepting of the fact that I’m different and who tried to scare me into being like everyone else? My meek mother, who may have thought better of my father’s treatment of me, but was too afraid to speak up? Any of my siblings, some who are already following in the footsteps of my parents and the others sure to follow the same path? So family is out, and who in the village would I ever care to see again? Instead, I left in the early hours of the morning. I am determined. I’m going to find monsters and villains; I’m going to have a blast’ and when I die, I’ll have seen the world, I’ll have lived, and I’ll die doing what I love, not in a village filled with nothing but regret. I had just entered a village and I was so lucky. There was a fight going on between the King and a random party of people. I immediately ran into the first fight, my first real one that I have been training for my whole life; I kicked ass, but they didn’t.

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