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 Devil in the Mirror - Black Veil Brides
"Ooooh~ I can't take it any more~
Every day feels like a war!
The Devil in the mirror
Screaming that my heart is flawed
I'm never gonna let you win.
No I will not surrender
Even if I start to fall
I swear to you I'll rise again!"
Veronica gripped the sink, turning her knuckles white. How had she come to this? She looked up at her reflection, seeing pieces of the person she had been a year ago. The same hair. The same jawline. The same lips, nose, chin. Even pale and dripping with sweat, those features were the same. But her eyes were different. Her smile belonged to a stranger.
She knew what had changed things. Dracul. He had made her something new, something terrifying, and despite her resolve not to become like him, it was happening. How did he fight it? How did he keep himself from doing the kinds of things she thought about constantly? She knew his mind housed the same nauseating thoughts hers did - after all, her mind was the product of his.
Today she had reached a breaking point. On her way home, she had passed a lemonade stand. Two industrious little kids selling homemade lemonade. But as she passed by the thought struck her. How would it feel to drive her arm into the little girl's gut? To get blood up to her elbow and pull her insides out? To gut her and leave her for the carrion?
She had run to the nearest restroom and thrown up. Sick to her stomach, sweating and panting over the sink, Veronica made the decision. She wouldn't be the person her body was pushing her to be. She wouldn't cross that line. But to keep it from happening… How could she stop it? She locked eyes with her reflection and let her demon skin take over. Seeing her eyes go red, horns emerging from her skull, her skin turning inky black… This was the reason. She was a monster. She was a demon. Her soul was still hers, but every other part of her was tainted. Her body - she was staring at the evidence right in front of her. Her mind - that she could think about killing people, that every day the thought of doing so invaded her mind… Even her heart was working against her, needing a conscious reminder of why killing was wrong, the reasons she couldn't do it.
But every day she got a little closer.
Every day the reasons not to mattered less.
Staring into the face of a demon, only one solution presented itself that didn't involve her dying. It was simple, really. She would have to leave.



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