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So small disclaimer, I am not very familiar with Myers Briggs personality Types, but this is the best guess from descriptions I've read.

Name: Hope Adkins
Species: Vampire
3 Character traits: Nervous, unexpectedly brave, and pessimistic.
Drive: Her protectiveness. She wants to save others from the life she’s lived.
Color: Blue grey
Personality Type: Melancholic, as best as I can tell she’s maybe INTP.
Tarot Card: The Hermit

Name: Dominica Williams
Species: Dhampir (half vampire, half human)
3 Character traits: Family oriented, self- sacrificing, loud mouthed know-it-all.
Drive: Her love for her family.
Color: Bright cherry red.
Personality Type: Sanguine, INFJ
Tarot Card: The Sun

Name: Marcus
Species: Vampire
3 Character traits: Blood thirsty, angry, caring gone bad.
Drive: His heartache, anger, and thirst for revenge.
Color: Black
Personality Type: Choleric, ENTJ
Tarot Card: 2 of Swords

Name: Trix Olson
Species: Temperance of the Seven Heavenly Virtues
3 Character traits: Forced to be mild mannered, but actually has an aggressive personality and fiercely protective of loved ones.
Drive: She wants to be freed from her curse of Temperance
Color: Magenta and black.
Personality Type: Sanguine, ESFP
Tarot Card: Temperance (cursed), 5 of Cups (freed)

Name: Mercy Novak
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Quite, studious, and caring
Drive: She is eager to help those in need, and later her love for Trix.
Color: Black and dark red.
Personality Type: Melancholic, ISFJ
Tarot Card: 2 of Pentacles

Name: Judith Barnes
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Domineering, fearful, lonely.
Drive: She is out to look out for herself with little thought to how her actions will affect others, even people she loves.
Color: Red and dark blue.
Personality Type: Choleric, ESTP
Tarot Card: Page of Wands

Name: Merah Rose
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Caring, spontaneous, and sees the potential of others.
Drive: She seeks safety for herself and her loved ones.
Color: Dark red
Personality Type: Sanguine, ENFP
Tarot Card: Chariot

Name: Anika Rose
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Sensible, studious, self- sacrificing.
Drive: She wants to travel and seeks the unknown adventure.
Color: Light blue and pink
Personality Type: Phlegmatic, ISTP
Tarot Card: Temperance
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All characters are from my main universe unless otherwise stated.
1. Ayura Nuun
Human (Seer), Female
Analytical, pessimistic, unemotional
Driven by the need to protect (Altruistic need to protect)
Sea Blue
Queen of Swords
2. Veronica Yarrow
Mixed human/demon, Female
Determined, righteous, bit of a hero complex
Wants to experience new things
Choleric-Sanguine (ESTP)
3. Marindor (King)
Human (20-year stint as a tree), Male
World: Surrin
Unaware, Self-absorbed, flirtatious
Wants to find out why he was turned into a tree
The Fool
4. Karenna Waters
Human (Empath), Female
Introspective, kind, emotionally stable
Wants to help
Turquoise Green
Princess of Cups
5. Melissa Denau
Mixed human/angel, Female
Creative, friendly, a follower
Driven by a desire for interpersonal peace
6. Akon Drakul (Allen Dracon)
Demon, Male
Lighthearted, passionate, destructive
Driven by the desire for vengeance
The Devil
7. Christine Olivet
Nephilim, Female
Apathetic, sardonic, self-conscious
Driven by……………. Uh……. Well… She exists.
Light Gray
Hanged Man (in that she gives no shits. Maybe there's a better card for this.)
8. Sayo Nuun (formerly Eos)
Human (Seer), Female
Avoidant, warm, hopeful
Driven by the desire to live a normal life
Sapphire Blue
The Lovers (has 2 sides and two men. Pretty apt)
9. Miranda Guerra
Lizard/human (gene spliced), Female
Outgoing, sarcastic, talkative
Wants to find her place
Olive Green
10. Lia (Ophelia) Stern
Human (toxic skin), Female
Quiet, sensitive, withdrawn
Drive: to protect her precious few loved ones (Selfish desire to protect)
Dark gray
4 of Cups
11. Leo Julian Rodgers II
Human, Female
Righteous, impassioned, devoted
Intends to destroy all the demons he can
King of Pentacles

Haha well only Marindor isn't from that main universe of this group. I'll keep adding as needed.



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