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So, I kind of changed how I worked this prompt, a lot, so it took me some extra time. Hopefully, soon I will finish editing my pieces for the next two prompts and get them posted. Once I catch up, and others catch up if they can, I will post the next challenge, if everyone is obliging.

Not Everything Changes

Prompt: Changing places

Character: Merah  Story: Fairy Tails (Temporary title)


It's funny how life can change all at once. One day, I am laughing and genuinely enjoying eating dinner with my mother, father, and little sister, Annika. The next day, she is missing, I am freaking out, and my parents seem resigned to everything. I was filled with anger and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with them, other than that they just didn't love Anni. Furious with them, I stormed out, but now, I know the truth. They were not concerned with finding her because they already knew what had happened to her and were forcing themselves to be okay. They knew that she was somewhere safer and that if she were to come home, her life, and our lives, may be forfeit. Knowing this, I regret that the last time I saw them was with hatred in my heart; right before I ran away, I stormed through the house and I know that my parents could feel the waves of emotion radiate from me. Everything is different. It all happened so fast that I have no time to react, but if I were to stop, I would weep for my parents. Not only have they lost one daughter, they have now lost both. The same forces that even now are searching for my sister, are hunting for me, for reasons beyond my control. Just because I was born as the next Little Red Ridding Hood, they take offense and would rather see us dead than have to deal with that.


Even in the large SUV, I feel too enclosed. Outside, rain is pouring down, but I press my body against the cool door longing to be outside again. What would have happened if I hadn't tried to run away to my grandmother's house that morning? If I had waited for a few hours, if I had tried to talk to my parents, would I be home even now? Even the knowledge that I was traveling to be reunited with my sister does little to  quell these feelings of anxiety and loneliness.  I couldn't even say goodbye to my parents before I left. Being stuck in this car with  a stranger and a wolf, I am left with nothing to do but reflect on recent actions within my own mind. The more I remember, the more I realize that hindsight really is 50 50. Why my parents never wanted me to visit with my grandmother all by myself; why I was forbidden to wear the gorgeous red cape that my grandmother made and remade every Christmas since I was about 4; why my parents always warned me to never travel into the woods adjacent to the neighborhood park, even though it was the perfect short cut to my grandmother's house. It even explains why these warnings increased after Annika went missing. They were terrified about losing me.


I don't know if they always knew that fairy tales are reborn into every few generations, or if they knew who Anni and I really were, but their fears feel so much more genuine now. I'd always just assumed that they were just being overly protective, especially for the small town that we lived in. Anni even with all of this, I can't do anything. I can't go back in time and change what I did. I can't go back home and talk about this with my parents. I am powerless. I guess I always have been, but when I was walking through the forest, I felt like nothing could ever happen to me. This was my domain and my sanctuary. I don't think that I can ever walk in a forest again without remembering all that has happened.


It is so dark outside, between the new moon and the heavy storm, that they only light originates from the occasional bursts of lightning streaking across the sky. Diane glances at me through the rear view mirror, and she tells me that we are almost to the motel where the others are hold up. Soon, I will be reunited with my sister, but the future is so hazy that I cannot rejoice. I vaguely wonder how Anni dealt with this situation. I at least know that, even though I am leaving behind my parents, I will see her again. I won't be alone, but she didn't have that. She had no way to know that I would be following her. Diane had told me as much that if she knew who I was when she came for Anni, I would have been taken as well. Then again, Anni has always wanted to see more, so maybe she was glad to be getting away from home?


Within several minutes, Diane exists the freeway, into a town I have no idea the name or location of, and drives the short distance to the motel. As I get out of the car, the rain somehow manages to fall even more and I just stand next to the car allowing the rain to seep into my clothes and down to my shivering skin. In the back, I hear Diane wrestling with the wolf, who is refusing to get out of the car. I can't tell who is more unhappy with this situation, him or me. The door to the room right in front of the car opens and a man peers out at us. Numbly, I wonder if he is one of the people I'd heard wants to kill off the fairy tale characters, but I did nothing. From under his outstretched arm, a caramel blonde head popes out from behind the wall. Anni pushes past him and runs out into the rain with me. She hugs me so tight that I realize she has been feeling all the same things I'd been going through just moments before. I hold onto her tightly, my head wedged between her head and shoulder. Behind us, I could hear a man's voice as he works to help Diane pull the wolf out of the car, but all I can focus on is whether Anni can tell the difference between the cold droplets of rain, and the warm tears falling on to her shoulder. Barely above a whisper, so faint I can hardly hear it over the roaring thunder, Anni says into my ear, "Not everything is going to change." With this, we are ushered inside to the unknown. 

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Misery Loves Company

Prompt: the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you

Character(s): Mercy and Judith  Story: Seven (temporary title)


Judith's Tale

To this day, I still don't get how he found out. I sure as hell didn't tell him, and I am just as sure that Mercy didn't tell him either since she is justifiably terrified of him, though she doesn't know just how terrifying he can be. Besides, I hadn't seen him in... months? years? I can't even remember, so let that be the judge. I got a call from one of the staff that my father was home and that he was 'requesting my presence'. As if I had a choice! So I'm thinking, well, whatever. He probably just wants to yell at me some for my 'lack luster' grades and my 'poor attitude', like he does EVERY time he is home for more than an hour or two. So when I did get home, only like half an hour after when I was told I needed to be home- which is like basically on time, if you are me- I was a little weirded out that all the lights were off and none of the staff were around. But anyway, so then I went to my dad's office, cause, of course, he was going to be there- where else would he be. I was right, and... I wish I had been wrong. I wish that he had been called away again like so many times before. I was used to that disappointment a long time ago and I could have handled that. But he was home.


I knocked on the door, as I have been so well trained to do so, and when his gruff voice barked for me to enter, I turned the knob and walked in. Before my eyes could even like adjust to the sudden light, I was seeing literal stars. My cheek stung and I was sure it was already hella red and swelling. He didn't even give me the chance to ask what the hell was going on before he started to yell at me, worse than ever before. He was calling me a whore, just like dear old mom, and that I couldn't possibly be his real daughter. With each biting word, he delivered a matching slap to my face. Tears were streaming down my face, and I refuse to believe they were in any way emotional- getting hit hurts physically and tears are bound to happen. He assured me that there was no possible way he had a daughter who was a fag. I nearly lost it and would have yelled at him that it would have been better if I wasn't his daughter, but... I couldn't. Just before he left again, he demanded that I not only break up with Mercy but that I am never to see her again.

Never one to be good, I was tempted to ignore him and continue to be with her, but I was chilled to the bone with his parting words: "If I hear anything about you continuing with this disgusting behavior, I will kill you." I had never heard this level of threat from him, and worse... I believed he meant it.

Mercy's Tale

Judith had been absent for the last week or so, and I was starting to really worry. I mean, it's not like she is a very dedicated student, but this was pushing it, even for her. And even if she wasn't attending school, she would still text me or come see me, but I still hadn't heard from her. Ever text I sent was ignored and when I tried to surprise her with a visit, I was shooed away at the door.


On the day she finally returned, I was so excited and relieved. I wanted to see her and hoped that she would be able to explain exactly what happened. I rushed to the front gate and I noticed that her face was a little swollen. I thought that she might have been sick or something, but that didn't explain why she wouldn't at least text me or let me know. I ran up to her like I have done a dozen times before, and I expected her to wrap her arms around me and hold me close. She didn't. Instead, she pushed me. My back hit the pavement and pain coursed through my whole body.


"Judith, what's going on?" I was shocked. I couldn't believe that she had done that. She had never hurt me before.


"Oh, sorry, Boo." A sneer was plastered on her face and each word came out coated with malice and sarcasm. "I just didn't want you anywhere near me. It's disgusting."


I couldn't comprehend her words, thus I was left on the ground, gaping up at her. "What is?" I asked on autopilot.


"You are. I mean, really?! You thought I liked you? Maybe even loved you? Two women together is just disgusting and I couldn't hold up the ruse anymore. I've been vomiting for the whole week at the very idea of it."


Now, I could barely see her through the tears falling without any control. "I don't understand. Where is this coming from?"


"This is just who I am Mercy. You are the freak." And without another word or gesture, she sauntered off to class like it was any other day. I then became aware of the fact that we had had an audience, a group who were now whispering, and I just knew that word of this would flood the school. The person I loved... love has just publicly destroyed me. And I still didn't know why. 
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 I Want More

Prompt: Open Spaces

Character: Annika    Story: Fairy Tail (temporary title)


The sun gently warms my head and shoulders as I walk under its light. I am thankful that the day isn't any hotter, lest the joyous warmth becomes a burning heat. As it stands, my arms are already feeling the strain of the weight of several large books within my grasp. This can hardly be helped, however, as I am on my way to the library to return them. I sigh as I remember when I first checked them out and the librarian patronizingly asked if I would be able to read all these 'very big books' by the due date. I had, of course, assured him that it would be no problem, but he had responded with only a dubious look proving that he was far from believing my assurances. I know that I should be quite accustomed to this treatment, and yet I find that regardless of the frequency this kind of occurrence arises, I am still equally unprepared to respond.


I am pulled from my thoughts by some off my so- called peers playing a game of basketball across the street with one of those hoops that children love. They are laughing and pushing each other, that is until they see me. The fun stops when I come into view and they point and talk to each other in what they think of as quiet whispers. I know what this town thinks of me. I am an oddball. At school, I have many nicknames, none of which are particularly flattering. I am known as Bookworm, teacher's pet, or even just that freak. And all this merely because I find it easier and more fun to read books rather than banter or gossip with my friends. That is if I had friends. The closest I have is my sister, but even then she isn't like me. She has some friends and she will run off and engage in activities I never would.


My father tells me that this is merely one phase of my life; that everything will change when I enter college. He claims that I have simply matured faster than those my same age, but I have my doubts. I am not implying that I think myself superior to all others my age, but I think there may be some form of a phenomenon within this small town which forces sensible teens to become reckless in a very veiled attempt to blend in and fit in. I, on the other hand, am not one to change myself to be included. And for my 'indecent arrogance' I am ostracized.


I can't imagine that I am missing all that much, so I am not bitter by this treatment. At least at home, I am treated normally. This was my normal life, until recently. Everything changed when the most popular guy in the whole school suddenly took notice of me. I can't tell if he is joking or if he has seriously developed a new crush for me, but I wish he would move on sooner rather than later. I don't have anything against him in particular, but he is content to stay as he is and never straying far from home. This is not a life I can envision for myself. Ever.


I can't help but want more. I want to travel and see places that no one in this town could ever dream of. Meet new people, learn new languages and facts, sightseeing in the great travel centers of the world. Add an adventure along the way, and I shall live with no regrets. Perhaps along the way, I will find a place that calls out to me; one where I feel I truly belong, but my current situations are most certainly not that place.

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Harder to Move On

Song: How Does A Moment Last Forever (Montmartre) (From "Beauty and the Beast")

Character: Hope   Story: Ending Eternity


My only thought as I walk is: I can't do this. I can't do this. Why am I doing this? What keeps me walking is Aaryn, Diana, and Melody standing beside me, acting as my strength and motivation. Cobblestones have made way for tar and cement. Simple shops and grand mansions have made way to modern stores and cookie cutter homes. Nothing is the same and I can't help but to wish it was at the very least more similar. This was my home, but more than that, this was my whole world. My human eyes never saw anything but the London of my memories; a London I shan't ever see again.


But perhaps that is not true. Every time I close my eyes, whether I wish to or not, I can see it. I see my home, my family, the lamp lined streets. I sometimes wish that I could forget. This may sound strange, I know, but it is true. Perhaps this is because, even though I can see the home and the people I love, this isn't always a good thing. When I close my eyes, particularly at night, I see the darkest times of life; times I should have been there with my family, but I couldn't. Days after I turned, I watched from the shadows as my family and friends wept as Denny was placed in the ground. Years passed and then I was again forced to bear the pain of watching my sister cry as my parents were placed to rest. My heart nearly broke both times, and I couldn't breathe through the gaping hole in my chest.


However, the day my life ceased to have any meaning whatsoever was the day my sisters died. We were triplets, born together, and we spent every day of our lives together, until the hated day. I was saved the pain of having to watch either Faith or Chastity mourn the other because they died together. I had rather hoped they would stay together forever, so at least that wish was granted, but I missed out on so much.


After my sisters died, everyone I knew, everyone who knew me, was gone. If I walked down the street, no one would notice or greet me as a friend. I felt so alone, even as I watched my nieces and nephews weep as I did. But they did not know me, and I did not know them. I had never even met the men that my sisters married.


How can a life go so off kilter? One moment, I am looking at a simple, but happy life. I would be married to my best friend, I would raise our children, and watch as my children played with my nieces and nephews. But one decision changed everything. Thousands of emotions pass through me as I remember everything that was, everything that wasn't, and everything that might have been. Being back in this town brings everything back.


I heave heated breaths as I berate Denny for trying to be a hero. Was he trying to impress me by investigating the noise that Marcus made? Was he just too kind hearted to ever walk by someone that may be in trouble? Couldn't he just act reasonably for once in his life. If we had just kept walking, we would have made it home and nothing would have had to change.


But then sadness sinks in, and I remember what not changing would have meant. Denny loved me. Really loved me. And I never knew, and I don't think he would have ever told me. If he had lived, I would have done my duty and married him, just like my parents wanted and expected me, but it would have been nothing more. I don't know that I would ever have grown to love him, not as he loved me. He deserved more from me.


As I think this, I start to wonder what the world may have been like if Marcus had killed me and changed Denny. Would he agonize as I had? Or better yet, would he have moved on in a way I never could. Would he have found new love faster than I had?


Diana slides her hand into mine and grasps tightly, dragging me from my thoughts of solitude. Lost in thought, we had reached our destination. Overhead, a sign labeled this spot as one of the oldest mortuaries in London. I take a deep breath and walk across the threshold onto the grass and weave my way through the dead. As if it were only yesterday, I quickly find the stones marking Faith and Chastity's graves. The stones are more aged now, the names faded and forgotten by almost the whole world. I kneel between my two beloved sisters, their children's children on either side. The past may be easy to remember, but it is harder to move on. But sitting here, for the first time in several lifetimes, I feel at peace. Sitting here with the descendants of my sisters, I know they are still here with me. It may not be much, but it may just be enough. 
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Writing Challenge #2

I used my Angel deck for this because it works best for creative endeavors.

Card for Inspiration: Ace of Fire- An exciting new opportunity! Change your life now!

Character: Paige, my tarot RPG character

They don’t understand why I’m leaving; why I have needed to leave for a long time. My family is more than content to live the rest of their lives in the same quiet village; a place where the most exciting events among the gossiping townsfolk are announcements of a wedding or the news of a birth. I need far more excitement in my life than a home, a family, could ever provide; a fact I’ve known since I was little and stealing my brother’s wooden sword and playing at fighting ogres.

I only packed a few belongings. There was little that I wanted or needed for the voyage that I have laid before me; the life of an adventurer is best when one packs light. I of course  carefully packed my two most precious possessions, my discus weapons Fate and Destiny. I said farewell to my room, and the only life I’d ever known, and left to start a better life with all kinds of twists and turns.

I thought about saying goodbye. I really did, but who? My father, who is completely unaccepting of the fact that I’m different and who tried to scare me into being like everyone else? My meek mother, who may have thought better of my father’s treatment of me, but was too afraid to speak up? Any of my siblings, some who are already following in the footsteps of my parents and the others sure to follow the same path? So family is out, and who in the village would I ever care to see again? Instead, I left in the early hours of the morning. I am determined. I’m going to find monsters and villains; I’m going to have a blast’ and when I die, I’ll have seen the world, I’ll have lived, and I’ll die doing what I love, not in a village filled with nothing but regret. I had just entered a village and I was so lucky. There was a fight going on between the King and a random party of people. I immediately ran into the first fight, my first real one that I have been training for my whole life; I kicked ass, but they didn’t.

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So small disclaimer, I am not very familiar with Myers Briggs personality Types, but this is the best guess from descriptions I've read.

Name: Hope Adkins
Species: Vampire
3 Character traits: Nervous, unexpectedly brave, and pessimistic.
Drive: Her protectiveness. She wants to save others from the life she’s lived.
Color: Blue grey
Personality Type: Melancholic, as best as I can tell she’s maybe INTP.
Tarot Card: The Hermit

Name: Dominica Williams
Species: Dhampir (half vampire, half human)
3 Character traits: Family oriented, self- sacrificing, loud mouthed know-it-all.
Drive: Her love for her family.
Color: Bright cherry red.
Personality Type: Sanguine, INFJ
Tarot Card: The Sun

Name: Marcus
Species: Vampire
3 Character traits: Blood thirsty, angry, caring gone bad.
Drive: His heartache, anger, and thirst for revenge.
Color: Black
Personality Type: Choleric, ENTJ
Tarot Card: 2 of Swords

Name: Trix Olson
Species: Temperance of the Seven Heavenly Virtues
3 Character traits: Forced to be mild mannered, but actually has an aggressive personality and fiercely protective of loved ones.
Drive: She wants to be freed from her curse of Temperance
Color: Magenta and black.
Personality Type: Sanguine, ESFP
Tarot Card: Temperance (cursed), 5 of Cups (freed)

Name: Mercy Novak
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Quite, studious, and caring
Drive: She is eager to help those in need, and later her love for Trix.
Color: Black and dark red.
Personality Type: Melancholic, ISFJ
Tarot Card: 2 of Pentacles

Name: Judith Barnes
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Domineering, fearful, lonely.
Drive: She is out to look out for herself with little thought to how her actions will affect others, even people she loves.
Color: Red and dark blue.
Personality Type: Choleric, ESTP
Tarot Card: Page of Wands

Name: Merah Rose
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Caring, spontaneous, and sees the potential of others.
Drive: She seeks safety for herself and her loved ones.
Color: Dark red
Personality Type: Sanguine, ENFP
Tarot Card: Chariot

Name: Anika Rose
Species: Human
3 Character traits: Sensible, studious, self- sacrificing.
Drive: She wants to travel and seeks the unknown adventure.
Color: Light blue and pink
Personality Type: Phlegmatic, ISTP
Tarot Card: Temperance



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